What To Do In The Case Of A Workplace Accident

Although the average workplace has become a whole lot safer in recent years due to stringent laws designed to protect employees, workplace accidents happen every day. And not just in jobs that are dangerous by nature; the office environment poses its own risks. In the event there is an accident in your workplace, here are five steps you must take.


If the incident is serious or life-threatening, call an ambulance and have your first aid trained officer assist the injured person. Even if the incident appears minor, the injured person should seek a medical opinion. Then contact the person’s family to advise them they have been injured.


In the interests of safety, the area where the accident occurred should be sealed off to prevent further injury to anyone else. The incident will also need to investigated, so preserve the site of the accident to assist investigators determine what went wrong and how the accident occurred.


Relevant authorities will need to be notified including your designated health and safety representative, the local occupational health and safety office, and company officials. The business insurer will also need to be contacted. This notification should occur quickly.

The victim may also need to seek legal assistance if they intend to make a workplace accident claim. Companies like The Personal Injury Lawyers offer a no win, no fee service and will assess the likelihood of the claim being successful, and any entitlements the injured party is eligible for.


It is important to communicate with the injured staff member and their family following any workplace accident. Staff should also be kept in the loop as to what occurred, how the injured staff member is faring, and what will happen next.


An internal investigation should be carried out to ascertain what went wrong and staff should be engaged in this process. If the accident comes down to a failure to observe company policies, disciplinary action may be commenced. Once a report has been finalised by an occupational health and safety expert, the workplace should address any risks identified to ensure nothing similar occurs again.

Fortunately, workplace accidents are becoming less frequent with most companies working hard to assess and manage risks. But like all dangers, it pays to be aware that accidents do happen and could occur in your workplace on any given day. If they do, it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure the welfare of all staff immediately, and identify what happened in the interests of the future safety of your workforce.

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