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Smart Tools to Keep in Your Car

Jan 03, 2016

Are you prepared for the nasty things that can happen when you are on the road; things like flat tires, a dead batteries, or being

Tucker and his Torpedo Automobile

Jan 03, 2016

Automotive genius Preston Thomas Tucker had a dream that consumed most of his life.  He was completely driven to become an independent car maker and

When to Call the Cops

Jan 03, 2016

There are millions of car accidents every year in the US.  Hopefully none of these will involve you but if it does knowing what to

How to Wash a Car?

Jan 03, 2016

How to Wash a Car? You have to be kidding me, is this really an entire article on washing a car?  Yes, and believe it

Keeping Your Coolant System Happy

Jan 03, 2016

Who pays much attention to a car’s coolant system? Not many people; most just add some water if the coolant tank when it gets low.

Don’t Drive with an Old Timing Belt

Jan 03, 2016

It’s a fact: your engine’s timing belt is the most important maintenance item in your car.  When your timing belt gets old, it runs the

About Extended Vehicle Warranties

Jan 03, 2016

Have you ever heard a new noise coming from the engine’s compartment while driving to work one day, when your car wasn’t under the manufacturer’s

Advancements in Technology Mean the Way We ...

Nov 16, 2015

According to a recent study conducted by AA Cars, the rise of tablets, mobile devices and the internet mean that the way we buy our

Is a Steam-Powered Car in Your Future?

Nov 01, 2015

It’s hard to fathom today, but at the turn of the 20th century, more than half the cars in the US were steam-powered.  Back then,

How to Reduce Your Car Insurance

Nov 01, 2015

Most car owners pay little attention to their car insurance and just pay the premiums year after year.  This is likely because they don’t know