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Avoiding Deer-Vehicle Collisions with Deer ...

Nov 28, 2018

In many areas of the country, deer-vehicle collisions are common.  In fact, in some rural areas, just about everyone either hits a deer or has

Why Variable-Compression Engines Are Better

Nov 28, 2018

Internal combustion engines have a parameter called “compression ratio.” An engine’s compression ratio refers to the amount of “squeezing” that the pistons apply to air-fuel

Getting to Know Your Airbags

Nov 28, 2018

Airbags are ubiquitous. They are mounted in virtually every car made and the total number installed world-wide is almost a billion. What you may find

Extended Car Warranties

Nov 28, 2018

Have you bought a technology product lately and weren’t asked: “Would you like an extended warranty?” Probably not, extended warranties seem to be offered everywhere

Surfire Ways to Get Arrested

Nov 28, 2018

People do amazingly stupid things on the road.  Yet, despite an array of irresponsible behaviors one could engage in when behind the wheel, only a

Serious Dangers for Motorcyclists

Nov 28, 2018

Are you new to riding motorcycles or are thinking about purchasing one?  If so, this article is for you. Suggested by the folks at Fred Martin

The First V-16 Engines

Nov 28, 2018

The “Roaring Twenties” were a time of great economic growth in the United States. It was during this time that Cadillac, one of the finest

All About Turn Signals

Nov 28, 2018

Using turn signals to tell others which direction you are heading started way before there were cars.  If fact, the practice undoubtedly was used 100s

The First Challenger

Nov 28, 2018

Ask a car enthusiast about Dodge’s iconic Challenger and you’ll probably hear a tale that starts during the muscle car era (1960s) and involves monster

Urban Pollution Before Cars

Oct 03, 2018

Today, cars and their internal combustion engines are the villains in the tale of air pollution and noise. Wouldn’t it be nice it would be