Why Your Business Absolutely Needs Unified Communications

18th September 2017

So, you’re wondering why unified communications are important to the success of your business. But, more importantly, you’re wondering what UC is. In its simplest terms, UC combines all the applications you use in-house in terms of mobile devices, desktop applications, software and the like. It combines it in such a way so your employees have a much more efficient way of dealing with customers and other business-related tasks. Ultimately, it helps businesses grow and become much more efficient. Therefore, unified communications are vital and here are a few reasons why.

Better Management

Mobile devices, landlines, computers, and tablets – a good UC setup will help connect all your real-time applications and devices so your employees have an easier time when it comes to serving your customers. UC ultimately improves efficiency in the backend of a business. Management is much easier to contend with when it comes to customer service and employees don’t have to spend more of their time on simple tasks.

Helps with Workload

As your business grows, so does your client base. Ultimately, you’re going to find yourself in a situation where you just can’t handle the number of calls, especially with outdated equipment and the like. The best way to solve that issue? Implement UC technology so you can take more calls with less manpower.

Lower Monthly Costs

Because UC technology helps boost business efficiency, it means you need fewer employees to undertake the workload. UC makes it easier for the employees you do have so you’re not stressing about adding new people to the team to get the work done. UC is very adaptable and can help with different sized businesses with different needs. So, regardless of the business you’re in and the industry you serve, a good UC integration will pay dividends to the success of your business.

Perfect Solution for Remote Workers

If your business relies on remote workers to serve your customers, you absolutely need unified communications as soon as yesterday. Because UC can combine different devices when it comes to communications, it means remote workers always have access to databases, client information and much more from wherever they are in the world. They can take calls just as if they were in the office so you don’t need to worry about being unprofessional. Masergy provides SD-Wan Solutions, among others, so you can ensure you and your remote workers always have access.

UC Helps You recover

If the inevitable did happen and you lost your client/business data, UC technology can help you recover. Most UC is based on cloud technology and that means instant backups and the ability to recover when things go wrong is always an option. It also means that the cloud isn’t connected to any of your in-house servers, so any problems there wouldn’t have any effect on the cloud.

In conclusion, UC helps manage communications, boosts efficiency, improves customer service, and protects business data if anything goes wrong. Ultimately, if you don’t have a UC integration solution in place, it’s time to get one to have any chance of taking your business forward.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.