Be In the Future What Business Technology You Need For Success

4th April 2019

Every year, technology conferences like Computex and CES draw 100’s of thousands of people, with millions more watching. These trade shows display the future of consumer and business technology. Usually, it takes industries a while to adapt to the latest technology.

This gap of adoption has narrowed over the last decade. Now, it’s harder to stay competitive if businesses aren’t watching technology trends. More resources, opportunities, and streamlining allows businesses to compete like never before.

These are a few broad categories of business tech that you should optimize.


The telephone that your folks and grandparents had may have cut it in years past, but you need a clearer voice. Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP) is prominent in light of the fact that it works through the Internet. This lowers both cost and incompatibility issues. Picking a business class telephone can offer plenty of ways to streamline functions. VoIP can give you a more elevated level of control with handling calls.

You get all advanced options, including:

  • Three-way calling
  • Call hold
  • Call forward
  • Phone message translating
  • Conference calling

IT Services

Data innovation currently represents a key job in small business technology. To keep your business working at its best, it’s required to utilize IT networks to build up a strong foundation. IT providers will use the most recent innovations to meet the custom needs of your organization securely.

Regardless of whether it’s making custom security parameters, backing up information, or rapidly settling tech issues, IT administrations give you peace of mind and guarantee that your business remains reliable and trustworthy. Even something as simple as surge protection

Without an IT service, your business’ future is left up to the RNG gods.

Data Management

This kind of innovation is one of the greatest advantages that a small business can use to grow in a short period of time. Cloud data management will deal with your information in a way that basic accounting can’t. Basically, Cloud management utilizes numerous servers to store your information in a virtual environment. It is both protected and accessible whenever you need it, from any area with Internet access.

That way you and anyone permitted in your company can make and alter reports, share data with colleagues or customers, and work together on tasks effortlessly. In the event that you’re on vacation or out of the workplace, you can stay connected to everything by getting to the Cloud with your cell phone or tablet.

Any reputable cloud web host will have servers set up with a redundancy system so that your data will never run the risk of getting corrupted/deleted or become inaccessible due to internet blackouts.

Virtual Assistants

Automation is the future in so many ways for businesses. The old saying is that you should “work smarter, not harder” and this is a perfect example. Instead of hiring personal assistants, additional staff, or advisors, embrace the voice-assisted technology.

Beyond Alexa and Google Home, you can hire a virtual assistant online, too. They work like any secretary or assistant. Because these online assistants are freelance-based, you’re eliminating the woes associated with payroll. Plus, you may not need a full-time assistant, which makes hiring a few days a week very cost-efficient.

Combine these categories of virtual assistants with Chabot AI technology and you have a powerful alliance. Chatbots have come a long way from their earlier incantations of FAQ scripts. Many customers will not know that their live chats are actually with robots.

In terms of cost, chatbots are extremely affordable alternatives to live customer service. This is technology that every business will become expected to have on their website.

Wired and WiFi Connectivity

As a business, you cannot afford to have internet troubles on your website. You also can’t afford to have internet troubles at your headquarters. Even if you operate from home, you should arm your business with commercial-grade service.

The difference between business internet and residential is more than just advertised speeds. Business internet lines are given priority on support. You get a dedicated helpline, along with faster ticket responses. 

These things aren’t common for all service providers, nor do they all advertise it. This is something you’ll have to do some research on before purchasing business internet.

Marketing and Social Media

Having a presence online requires the latest internet marketing tools and technology. You need to take advantage of more than banner ads and email blasts. Search Engine Optimization for all your websites and social media accounts is a must.

You need to hire an expert team of writers, marketers, and designers to take advantage of changing internet landscapes. 

Crowdsourcing and Online Funding

This is an area in technology that has exploded over the last few years. Small businesses are no longer limited to traditional means of securing capital.

Big banks have turned their backs on small businesses, but the online communities haven’t. There are now ways to secure cash instantly. To take a look at some of the possibilities available, you can read more here.

People want to invest in something they believe in, and technology has allowed their voices to be heard.

Keeping Up with Business Technology

We’ve touched on a few major categories of business technology. Depending on your industry, you may have even more tools available to you. Things like manufacturing processes, trading technology, and shipping logistics also play a role in business tech.

For now, you might focus on the technology you have in-house, then work your way out. Equip your business and staff with the best electronics devices. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, and the latest software are good options to try at first.

You can save thousands on perfectly-good devices that still come with the manufacturer’s warranty. It’s decisions like these that allow your business to grow as fast as technology progresses. If your budget is limited, check out this guide on how to buy refurbished electronics.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.