BBC News: 7 Remarkable Stories

22nd June 2017

The BBC News network has long been at the front lines of breaking news around the world.


It’s not all misery and grime.

There are some uniquely entertaining stories that the BBC will report on from time to time.

For example:

Did you know that the taste of a hot drink will actually vary based on the color of the cup you serve the drink inside?

Now, you know for the next time you take that hot drink on your travels.

Did you know?

Fidgeting may actually be good for men’s concentration?

I personally try to fidget regularly to keep my concentration high!

In fact:

I’m fidgeting right now!

On a more serious note:

Politicians in South Korea are commonly referred to by their only their initials!

This makes roll call very speedy and efficient!

Speaking of speed:

It turns out that coffee is not only consumed by human beings.

Other animals in the animal kingdom enjoy caffeine as well including the honey bee!

There are plants that will actually lace their nectar with honey in order to keep pollinators loyal!

Man coffee is really that addicting.

It helps you to power through your work so you can have some fun afterwards.

Have you ever thought about how when you’re having fun, time feels like its passing by much quicker?

Well, here’s why?

People when they’re having fun tend to remember much more details and thereby perceive time as having passed by much quicker.

Don’t worry there’s more fun stories for you to enjoy from the BBC right here:


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