Attracting Top Employees with New Thinking

5th January 2017

When it comes to the current state of employment, it can be harder for the startups and fledgling companies to try and compete with the older and more established organizations. The problem is that if you only compete on stability, traditional benefits, and compensation including salary or stock options, then you could find yourself behind the eight ball when it comes to recruiting the top talent. Smarter companies are starting to think ahead, however, and they realize by going outside of the box they can offer the actual benefits and opportunities that younger employees like the millennials love.

Flex Time and Non-Traditional Hours

According to Ragan, one of the worst things companies could do is to set specific hours for their employees. Productivity ranges from employee to employee, so the question is no longer how long should someone work but rather how much can they accomplish. When you think about the specific idea of a working schedule, you can think about factory workers or even farmers who would bust their behinds for a set period. However, the most efficient way of managing employees is to take into consideration the value of their accomplishments rather than the time they spend doing a specific task.

When it comes to attracting new employees, one of the top ways to bring in top talent is to figure out the way to list their duties and then let them run with it. If you aren’t going to keep your employees on a schedule, then it will give them a chance to work at the pace they are most comfortable with. It will also give them a chance to experiment and decide when they are the most productive and creative. The olden days may have called for a set schedule of nine to five, but if you see the merit of completing tasks and being efficient, why does it matter when they are done?

Be on Call

When it comes to meetings, millennials are sick and tired of wasting time. They are some of the most efficient individuals in history and they would rather create macros and formulas to solve their problems than they would solve those problems at the individual level. That is why when it comes to seeing the ability of enterprise video conferencing by BlueJeans, you will be able to understand just how many younger individuals can be onboard. The best thing about having video meetings is younger people won’t have to waste time.

No more spending time cleaning up your office to get to a physical conference room. No more taking elevators up into a specific space. No more trying to carry your computer, your papers, and even your coffee to a spot where everyone else is also trying to compete for the best chair by the boss. And, no more wasted time when it comes to arriving early so that you aren’t the “last one” and then wind up wasting countless minutes waiting for the rest of the participants. By actually being able to check into a meeting with every other participant right from your desk, you can save time and energy because you only need to push a single button and then you can be on the call within seconds. Time isn’t wasted, and that means more work is being done in less time.

Embracing Technology

Millennials are some of the most intelligent and most capable workers the workforce has ever seen. They bring with them the same amount of general intelligence as other generations, but the reason they get so far ahead is that they can do more with less. They are masters of using technology. They will figure out how to create the best way to do everything in the least amount of time. The one way you can stifle a young worker or even turn them away at the gate is to show them you do not want to use new technology or top processes.

The problem is if you take away the tools that help them to excel, they are going to be in big trouble and out of their league. However, as even Fortune magazine indicates, you can get more potential employees and new hires on board faster if you embrace new technologies in the organization.

When you start to think about how to get your business ahead, there are many different ways. However, one of the easiest ways is to bring in some of the top hires possible and to let them learn to run the show all on their own. If you can just figure out the best ways to make those employees feel comfortable and to attract as many as possible, you should be able to capture the long-term results of faster and more efficient thinkers in your workplace.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.