7 Basic Content Marketing Tactics For B2B Businesses

26th November 2018

There’s no doubt that content marketing is one of the key marketing needs for a B2B business. It is through this channel that businesses get valid inbound leads and generate a well-fuelled sales channel. With the right content marketing strategy, businesses are able to establish themselves as thought leaders, spread brand awareness, encourage customer interaction, showcase expertise and get highly qualified leads.

And all this without spending heavily on paid advertising. However, as readers and digital audiences get smarter, and are highly conscious of the way they spend time online, it is important that businesses create the right content, without being overbearing on the consumer.

If you’re a digital marketer or have just recently entered the content marketing game, then you will know that content marketing requires a lot of market research, data inputs, valid stories, and reliable sources to create a piece of authentic content. Any content should offer real value to the end reader to create an impression. But how do you create useful information that can be used in a practical work environment?

That’s what we’re exploring in this article where we share the 10 basic content marketing tactics that B2B Businesses can use to create real value.

  • Build An Informational Blog

A blog allows you to create content that showcases your expertise in the industry that you work in. Use tools like BuzzSumo or google alerts to find out what your clients are searching for online, and build from there. From blog posts that simplify industry-specific jargons, procedures, and solutions, to more in-depth data-driven information where you share analytics and references for industry trends, there’s a lot you can do through the blog.

The key to a successful blog is in creating content that is not complex for the reader and yet showcases industry knowledge. Another important point to remember about a blog is that it will grow only if there is consistency and usage of right marketing avenues for each of them. Even the best of blog posts will not receive traction if it’s not marketed well.  

  • Send Out Monthly Newsletters

A monthly newsletter should not be a spam filled with information that’s not useful to the end-user. Remember, newsletters are sent out to your database, that is, your customers. And you don’t want to annoy them at any cost.

So create newsletters that offer value to your customers by sharing snippets of advice that they can use in their business, or about a recent achievement that will increase their trust in you. You could even share any new big deals you’ve signed on or a milestone that you crossed. Such information will keep your customers eagerly awaiting the next one, rather than simply deleting them.

  • Share Case Studies Of Success Stories

A case study is an actual breakdown of how your product or service was used by a client to solve a problem. Create a detailed case study that breaks down the entire project into easy-to-comprehend pieces so that a reader is able to understand how it worked.

In fact, these case studies will prove as a great sales pitch for other prospective clients who’re looking for similar solutions. Make sure you include important details like the problem faced by the client, the research behind finding the solution, the timeline for the solution, the final outcome, and how it benefited the client.

Once you make the case study, make it a point to promote it through social media channels, newsletters and other modes of promotion. You never know when it might reach a client with the exact same requirement.

  • Collect Testimonials Of Happy Customers

Testimonials are another simple and easy sales pitch that works really well for B2B businesses. Being in this field, a success story is not published and doesn’t get the publicity that it deserves. But you can ask your happy client to share a testimonial detailing out how your business was the right choice for them. Once you have this, all you need to do is put it up on your website where others can easily read it. Unlike an ad, a testimonial is more personal and genuine, and there’s no way anyone will doubt its origin. So go ahead and collect as many testimonials as you can. If anyone writes a bad one, you can always avoid publishing it.

  • Create Original Content Through A Seminar Or Workshop

Being an expert in the service you offer, there will be a lot of people interested in learning to build the same services that you’re offering. Or they may be interested in learning other skills particular to your field. Find out which skill is of growing need in the market and help others learn through seminars or workshops.

Being a teacher will increase your credibility in the market. Moreover, you will earn genuine followers who will advocate for both you and your business. Also, it is better to conduct such sessions on a regular basis rather than sporadically. You will soon notice a growth in the number of attendees and overall interest from the industry in the session is actually beneficial to the attendees.

  • Leverage The Popularity Of Videos

There is no doubt that video content is growing in popularity, both through YouTube, Facebook and on your own website as well. Viewers are inherently prone to watching a video over reading in order to digest content. And it holds true for a majority of the population. Choose topics that you relate to for your videos. It could be related to your business or even about something generic.

The key is in keeping the content light and motivational with the opportunity to learn for the viewer. Videos have a far wider reach and viewership than most other content created on the web. So, if you’re able to crack this content piece, most likely you will witness a spike in traffic to your website and more importantly, inquiries regarding your business and services. You could also hire a content creator to help with more ideas. Find out What is a content creator and why do I need one? This blog will give you an idea about how an SEO driven copy can take your inbound marketing efforts to the next level.

  • Be Present In Discussion Forums & Communities

Discussion forums are places filled with prospective customers. Be part of discussion related to topics from your business and industry. You will find many of your prospective clients here. It’s a great way to directly connect with them, and build a genuine acquaintance before talking about business.

Discussion forums are also a good space to directly promote your service if the occasion arises. There is bound to be a question around your offering, and if you’re present to tell the person about your brand, that’s a good space to be.

While the above points are just the beginning of building great content marketing avenues for your business, there are many more ideas out there in the market. However, the key to success is finding the platforms that work for you and building them so as to ensure a long-term stream of inbound leads. That’s the true measure of a successful content marketing strategy.

Whether it is building awareness about your products, your business or yourself, there is no doubt that content marketing can help you achieve these goals much faster than any other online marketing activity. So go ahead and build a strong foundation through your content. You can use other marketing platforms like Facebook advertising, search engine optimization and google ads to promote your content.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.