6 Ways Satellite TV Beats Streaming Services

Streaming services rocked the media world a few years ago when they unveiled their platforms that allows the public to gain access to movies and TV shows on any web-enabled device for under ten dollars a month. Naturally, the masses flocked to the shiny new platforms and signed up, however, many were left feeling under-impressed.

The promise of a lower bill is pretty much all that streaming services have compared to satellite TV. But, satellite TV deals and packages are proving to be more useful and beneficial to users. Below are six ways satellite TV beats streaming services.

6 Ways Satellite TV Beats Streaming Services:

More options: While streaming services have a limited archive of content, satellite TV has a seemingly infinite supply of quality movies made by top directors and innovative TV shows for the whole family to access at anytime. 

Availability to bundle: Streaming services is an internet subscription, therefore bundling with other forms of media is impossible. Satellite on the other hand, gives you the option of bundling your television programming with your internet service which is high valuable as it helps bring down the cost for both. 

A surplus of original shows: Much like the limited archive of known content, streaming services also has a limited archive of original shows when compared with the original shows available for viewing on satellite television. Every season there is a slew of new original content available which includes dramas, comedies, cartoons and even original movies all available on satellite TV channels. 

Up to date programming: One of the best things about satellite TV is the up to date programming that it offers. You get to watch your shows when they come out instead of waiting months after to stream it. Watching up to date programming allows you to join in on the conversation at that moment and not feel like you have to avoid the conversations about your favorite shows. 

More Reliable: One of the biggest complaints about streaming services such as Netflix is the amount of downtime it has. Firstly, there could be problems at their headquarters that interrupts the service or issues with your WIFI connection. Whatever the reason, continual downtime is just no fun. Satellite TV is more reliable and has fewer interruptions and downtimes. 

Encourages family viewing: In order to stream movies and TV shows you will need a web-enabled device such as a smartphone, game console, computer a tablet or an expensive smart television. Most people tend to stream from their smartphones or tablets which can quickly drain the battery and it does not encourage family viewing. However, because satellite TV is available on any type of television, family viewing is encouraged.

The bottom line is, streaming is good as a supplement to satellite Television, not a good replacement. If you are an avid TV watcher that enjoys a surplus of content for low monthly rates then satellite TV is the clear choice.


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