6 Solutions for Improving Your Business’ Data Security

Data security is a real threat that must be taken seriously. Even if you are a small business, no one is safe against the threat of security breaches. Cyber-attacks can happen to businesses of all sizes. Contrary to what you may think, a majority of such attacks happen to SMEs.

So whether you are a small business, or a large corporation with dedicated IT support staff, there are some actions you can take to reduce the threat of cyber-attacks. Don’t simply assume it will not happen to you.

  • Add Two-Factor Authentication

The most cost-effective methods of protecting your company’s data is utilizing two-factor authentication, usually provided at no extra cost by app providers. By doing this, you are able to protect yourself against one of the most common methods of attack: stolen credentials.

  • Implement Security Policies

As well as two-factor authentication, you also need to ensure your employees are also doing the basics, including coming up with strong, complex passwords that can be remembered. Implement these security policies immediately, giving your staff time to adapt to them. It is also advised that you should never send passwords by email.

  • Eliminate Shared Passwords

It is highly recommended that you get rid of all shared passwords within your team. This removes the need to pass them around to other staff members using Post-it notes or messaging platforms, keeping your systems more secure. Given each member of staff their own password not only protects the company, it also protects your employees.

  • Use a Password Manager

Last Pass and Dashlane are the two most prominent password managers used today, the latter being the superior option. Dashlane is, without doubt, the best entry-level password manager, providing a lot of functionality with a stunning user interface. Always use two-step authentication to provide additional protection (as described in No. 1 above.) It is also advised that you track all digital changes, allowing you to hold employees accountable when things go wrong.

  • Educate Your Employees

No matter how secure your data systems are, they are only as safe as the employees who use them. Make sure your staff are well-trained in the best practices for data security. Ensure they are using complex, secure passwords, and not putting sensitive login credentials at risk. Sharing such knowledge gives your employees the tools they need to keep your business safe from cyber-attacks.

  • Keep Your Disks Clean

As well as backing up all essential files, it is important to use data-wiping software to ensure that whatever has been deleted is completely gone. When you initially delete a file, the data is not completely wiped from the system, but is instead marked for deletion. This means the data is potentially recoverable, which is a problem when dealing with sensitive information. Train your staff in completely purging all such information, and encourage them to do it at regular intervals.

Although there is nothing that can be done to completely safeguard your business against security threats, you can significantly reduce the chance of them happening by taking these precautionary steps.

This article was written by Pyramid IT.

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