5 Ways Teachers Can Use Technology to Help Students

22nd March 2019

Many teachers and schools don’t have a good relationship with technology. The simple reason some have is that technology can distract and take too much of student’s time. But for professionals like Myhomeworkdone.com, technology can revolutionize education.

However, if used correctly, technology can help students to understand difficult concepts easier or learn faster. So if you are a teacher seeking tips on how to use technology effectively, here are some great ideas for you.

1. Have students create or listen to podcasts

Podcasts can be very educative and engaging. They can also make students learn faster by helping to stimulate their photographic memory and ability to recall more quickly.

Another way teachers can use technology in this manner is to create a podcast for each lecture. Instead of teaching a difficult concept traditionally, you can record podcasts and let your students watch or listen to them repeatedly.

You can also interview authors of books or create podcasts for lecture materials your students are using or are going to use for that semester. Then download and let each one of them have a copy of the podcast on their device, watch or listen to them together.

2. Establish a blog for your class

This method is not only practical but fun. But then, you have to be careful because there are tons of distractions on the internet. A class blog can engage students and inspire them to take their academic work seriously.

Now how can teachers make a class blog useful for learning? Urge students to conduct in-depth research and write on different topics. Then you can use project management software like Trello to allow other students to make contributions before publishing on the class blog.

Students can also leave comments on the blog from time to time. However, your response to each comment can help your students to learn faster and have a better understanding of various topics.

3. Introduce educational games

There are myriads of exciting educational games out there for teachers to use. All that is required is a computer system or iPad to have any of them installed.

Besides helping students to learn and understand difficult concepts faster, educational games can provoke the interests of your students to take learning seriously. And irrespective of the subject, you can find essential games to use.

4. Introduce online assignments and tests

Students enjoy life on the internet. In short, they can even spend an entire day researching or reading materials on the internet than reading hard copies. Furthermore, creating online tests can help teachers evaluate students and have the results faster.

That said, the outcome of each test or assignment can also help teachers to develop strategies that will benefit the students in the long run.

5. Setup video conference

Another way teachers can use technology to help their students is to organize video calls. Grant your students the opportunity to communicate with their peers from other countries or states to learn about their culture, or discuss various topics. You can use Facebook and Skype for this.


These are some of the ways teachers from around the world can use technology to help their students. Teachers can also use other means to support their students without technology. But keep in mind that technology can make teaching a lot easier and more effective. According to my homework done experts, education technology also benefits both the teachers and the students.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.