5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Laptop Instead of a Tablet as a Student

19th January 2017

Tablets are great for students, as they offer many features and apps that will ultimately make a student’s life easier, but is a tablet the better choice for students? Below we’ll have a look at five of the reasons why a laptop could be the best option.


There are of course many cheap options available when it comes to tablets, but the cheaper you go with a tablet, the less features it will have, and it will often be slow compared to the more expensive tablets on the market. The good thing when buying a laptop is that even if you opt for a cheap one, it is still going to be able to do the same job for students as a more expensive one will. You will still be able to get a decent sized screen, good hardware, and you’ll be able to research with ease using any programs you want. The expensive laptops can also be the same cost of tablets, so it could sometimes be the more viable option.

Bigger Screens

Tablets are much more user-friendly for students always on the go which is why they have much smaller screens than laptops, but smaller screens means it is harder to read and research. Bigger screens on laptops will benefit students in a number of ways, from easier reading for research, to an all-round better entertainment device.

Easy to Upgrade

There are ways to upgrade tablets with more memory and storage, but this isn’t a cost-effective solution and sometimes it would be better to just buy a new tablet when yours gets old. But with a laptop, you will be able to buy parts online that you’ll be able to replace yourself, so your laptop will run faster to help with research and studying.

Laptops are Still Portable

Tablets offer a much easier way for students to travel with, but laptops aren’t a lot bigger than tablets these days but still offer bigger screens and a lightweight device that is easy to carry and transport. This means laptops can still be taken into university to study with, whether you are studying to achieve a bachelor of arts business administration degree with the help of Rutgers Online, or, something completely different.

Will Save Buying a Television

Not only will a laptop benefit you in terms of studying, but when you are looking for a little entertainment, you will easily be able to watch the latest films and TV series on your laptop thanks to the bigger screen it comes with. This will save you buying a television for your room, which again could make buying a laptop a much more viable option than a tablet.

Of course, tablets have many benefits over laptops as well, such as the fact they are a lot smaller and are easier to transport, so they offer students a much better experience when always on the go. Your requirements for studying will ultimately determine which device you choose to purchase, as some students may even opt for an old cheap desktop computer just so they can research and study whilst at home.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.