5 Great Ideas for Your Healthcare Blog

7th January 2017

Healthcare blogs are more popular than ever, with students blogging while studying their degree, to healthcare practices hosting a blog to help their patients and grow their business. With so much competition, you’ll want to find some new ideas to make sure your blog stands out from the rest, to keep it fresh and interesting, but more importantly, to keep it growing. Here are five ideas to help make your healthcare blog one of the best.


Videos work well on blogs. Long pages of text can bore people, and internet users have especially low attention spans. Where a page full of text could see people clicking away, a video can easily catch, and hold, their attention. Videos can be very powerful on a healthcare blog. Use them to explain symptoms, or even demonstrate basic first aid. Video demonstrations are much easier to follow and understand. You could quickly become a trusted source of information, and maybe even save some lives.


Healthcare blogs generally focus on patients, but why not host a section for fellow professionals or students. With so many different healthcare careers available, many students have no idea where to start. Explain possible careers in healthcare administration, or list those jobs available working with patients. There are many MHA careers available that people would never have thought of.


One sure way to build loyalty and grow your blog is to engage with your readers. Reply to their comments and emails. Answer any questions and give advice where you can. Make yourself a trusted source of advice and they will keep coming back.

Relevant Content

Make sure you keep your content relevant and seasonal to keep people returning for more. During winter, make videos and post content about colds, flu and winter bugs. In summer time, talk about summer allergies. If there are any current outbreaks, or even worldwide heath issues, speak to your readers about them. Keep them well informed with up to date knowledge and advice. Also, don’t be afraid to have your own opinions and let them be known. One of the reasons blogging is so successful, is that bloggers reveal their personalities. Readers like to feel they know you.


As either a healthcare professional or student, you probably have access to people with great amounts of knowledge on all things health and medicine. Use it to your advantage. Interviews make really interesting and entertaining blog posts. Consider having a weekly interview or guest post. Try to speak to a wide variety of people, and specialists from all different fields. Another great way to grow your following is to write guest posts for other blogs yourself. Get to know other bloggers and become an active member of the community.

Blogging can be much more than just a fun hobby. It can grow a business, and even become one. It can also help you make important connections, and in the case of a healthcare blog especially, it can help people immensely. Try some of these ideas to help your blog be the best it can be.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.