4 Technology Trends to Watch in the Automotive World in 2018

13th December 2017

Leading manufacturers around the world introduce new car models every year. The same trend is expected in the coming year as manufacturers utilize current technologies to improve their car models. In addition to embracing the latest technologies in the automobile industry, manufacturers also consider changes in consumer attitudes. At the end of the day, the new car models must be appealing to the target market. Here are some the technology trends we can expect from the automotive industry in 2018.

1. Electric Vehicles taking over

Global sales of electric cars have been increasing since 2015. Car buyers will continue to test electric cars because they are more cost-effective than diesel and petrol-fueled cars. In addition, few manufacturers are enjoying the benefits of these car models. More manufacturers are likely to join in this line of vehicles and introduce innovative electric cars in 2018. Manufacturers have been experimenting with a limited number of electric models. As electric cars gain popularity, top manufacturers will shift to mass production to maintain their market share.

2. 3D printing

The 3D printing technology has been applied to almost all industries, including food production. However, the technology has not been fully utilized in car production. A few manufacturers including Local Motors and Kor Ecologic have released 3D printed cars on the market. Other manufacturers have maintained the conventional production processes. The situation may change in the coming year as more manufacturers embrace 3D printing in car production. The manufacturers that are already using the technology may increase their production and improve their current car models.

3. Autonomous Capabilities

Google introduced its first prototype of an autonomous car in 2016. Ford and Local Motors followed suit and revealed their models of self-driving cars. The technology has been featured in leading car websites including blacksmokemedia.com. We may not witness a mass production of autonomous cars in 2018 since most manufacturers are researching and testing the concept. However, we are likely to see new prototypes from leading manufacturers in the market. Autonomous cars have multiple benefits for consumers, including a lower number of accidents and greater productivity during long road trips.

4. Crossover Vehicles

One of the greatest challenges for large families is getting a spacious car model that can carry all members and their luggage. Such families have been depending on SUVs because they are spacious. However, SUVs comes with an added cost of fuel and are hard to operate compared to regular vehicles. Luckily, manufacturers are now introducing crossover vehicles in the market, which combine the features of regular vehicles and SUVs. Millions of crossover vehicles have already been sold since 2016. The number is expected to increase in the future as families shift to the highly versatile car models.


Every new year comes with new prototypes and models in the automotive world. Manufacturers experiment with different ideas and technologies to stay ahead of their competitors. In most cases, car manufacturers improve and maximize the latest inventions before exploring new ideas. The recent technologies including autonomous capabilities, crossover vehicles, and electric vehicles will gain more popularity in 2018. The inventions come with new challenges for car owners to improve their driving skills to match the latest car technologies.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.