4 Reasons Why You Still Need a Telephone for Your Business

31st August 2015

As technology evolves, businesses are leaving effective ways of communication behind in favor of exciting new methods to liaise with their clients. Whilst escalating customer service into the realms of digital technology will benefit your business, you also need to avoid delivering negative customer service by rejecting the tried and tested forms of communication.

Regardless of the sector, most companies are working to boost their online presence and are now choosing to utilize email, social media and internet forms as their main form of communication. Online interaction with customers are good for a company. Nevertheless, maintaining the use traditional techniques, including like face-to-face meetings and using telephone systems, are likewise good for the company. People and businesses that argue that telephone interaction is obsolete and irrelevant are forgetting the positive effect that the concept of ‘human interaction’ has with a customer, as well as the many other reasons that telephone systems aids your company deliver exceptional customer service.

  1. Gives your Company a Personal Voice

Internet support forms and email communications are incredibly helpful to your business and the customer service you offer, but so is letting clients to collaborate with your team vocally on the telephone. Companies who solely use the internet to coordinate with clients will find that the personal touch is removed from their dealings and that their customers may express stress at not being able to talk to a ‘real’ person.

Providing an effective telephone system alongside digital interaction helps to deliver great customer service as you are giving  clients the option to speak directly to an employee rather than waiting for an email response.

  1. Not Everyone uses the Internet

Surprise! Although the majority of offices and homes uses the internet, there are still some businesses and individuals that don’t have a connection to the internet. Just because a customer doesn’t have access to the internet, doesn’t mean your business should value them less. Making sure that you have an ‘alternative’ way of interaction means that you don’t lose business from customers that could be vital to your company.

  1. The Conference Call

Being able to have a telephone conference call is an affordable and formal way to have meetings with customers. Having conference calls with a client means that multiple concerned employees can be involved in the brainstorming of plans and allowing discussions to be richer than if done by email.

  1. Communication can be Easier over the Phone

Every good businessperson should know that body language, tone, and vocabulary could be just as important as proposals, data, and services when it comes to client interaction. When meeting with a client, your presence, stance, smile and speech will have an effect of the result and elements of positive body language can be used for telephone communication to create good customer service.

If you are looking to get all the benefits of having a telephone line, then business phone systems providers like Arrow Voice offers affordable and flexible phone systems that can be customized for your special business needs. The saying is true, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it – in case of telephones, it’s still highly functional and effective, why miss it?


Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.