3 Ways To Simplify SEO For Your Businesses

2nd December 2019

3 Ways To Simplify SEO For Your Businesses 

Search engine optimization is constantly shifting. There is a new secret hack every week and a new growth tactic that promises strong rankings and amazing results. Look for better keywords, fix your page, get more links, work on the on-page and off-page optimization and so on. You do not have the time to tick off everything from these tasks daily. But you need SEO to grow and generate leads. Here are three effective ways to simplify SEO for your marijuana business. 

  1. Set clear goals

It can become overwhelming to choose one SEO tactic to drive results. However, if you set clear cut goals, it will help you simplify SEO and will save time. Start by setting goals like increasing traffic by a specific number, increasing backlinks by a certain date, driving sales with content marketing posts by a specific date. When working on SEO for cannabis & CDB, you need to remember the target audience and identify how they search for products or services online. You can make use of several tools such as link building tools to simplify the process and achieve your goals easily. Set actionable, realistic goals that you can achieve. After you have set clear goals, you can take your SEO strategy to the next step. 

2.   Focus on content marketing

Content marketing can help you with inbound traffic. SEO is content marketing and it is no longer about targeting the homepage for a researched keyword. It is all about creating high-quality content to help solve the problem of your users. This means you will have to create a lot of blog content that drives traffic. You can also drive traffic through blogger outreach without going over your marketing budget. It is not possible to generate inbound leads without content marketing. This includes the speed of loading the page, metadata, and optimization of keywords. The easiest way to simplify SEO is by producing marijuana-related content pieces more often. 

3.  Speed up the site to reduce issues

Your site is not as fast as it should be. And most sites aren’t. There are several SEO factors like time on site, bounce rate, engagement and more which are based on speed. When the site is slow, people will bounce. Nobody wants to wait for a long time for the site to load. People do not even wait for three to four seconds for the same. If your site is not fast enough, you are hindering SEO. You need to tackle issues that slow down your site and put an end to a lot of struggles. Seeking professional help such as link building agencies can improve the chances of issue resolution. Such professionals have the necessary skills and are also trained with sophisticated tools that can help identify the problems.

These three tips will help simplify the marijuana SEO strategy in a significant manner. With the right approach and strategy, you can ensure that the SEO strategy reaps results. SEO is an ever-changing process and not a one-time strategy; you need to continuously work on it. 

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.