3 Tips For Choosing The Right Development Firm For Your App

19th October 2017

We are living in a generation where mobile devices have more or less taken over the world. Retailers have now expanded their empires to the online world where potential customers can now find and purchase products or services over the Internet. As we get more hooked to our devices, businesses are looking for ways in which they can stay connected to their customers every hour of the day, every day of the week.

In such a dynamic marketplace, it is absolutely important that you ensure that your business is always a step ahead of your competition. In this instance, it means figuring out ways to get your business as mobile-friendly as possible or you will risk missing out on the huge numbers of potential clients. If a user notices that your business website is not mobile optimized, they are highly likely to exit your site and try that of your competition.

The importance of having an effective and efficient mobile app for your business cannot be overstated. Here is why you need to employ the services of a professional firm to design it for you:

  • Expertise
  • Quality
  • Dedication

Designing an effective mobile application needs extensive knowledge of the many procedures that are involved. Unless you have experience designing mobile apps yourself, you cannot get such an app without involving professionals. Employing the services of a professional app development company will ensure that you get the most out of your app because they know exactly what they are doing. An app that is user-friendly and bug-free is more popular with users and will attract a lot of traffic to your business.

When you decide to hire an app development company, you will be getting the professional services of people who sole purpose is in the creation of your app. They will plan for the whole creation process to make sure that the app is delivered on the time-scale that has been agreed upon thus saving you a lot of time and money that you can use on other productive ventures. The fact that professionals are dedicating their time and resources to the project will ensure you a satisfying end product.

Perhaps, the biggest reason as to why you should hire the services of a professional app development firm is the incredibly high quality of the product that you will get. This is as a result of the combination of expertise and dedication that has been channeled into the development of your app. When a potential client comes across a professional looking, well-functioning, and easy to use app, they will sure want to know more about your business.

But with the advent of mobile devices, has come about the establishment of very many mobile app developers. Not all of them are good as they may claim to be. So how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Here are three tips on how to choose the right development firm:

  1. Know the difference between a mobile app development firm and freelancers

Not all apps are designed with the same standards. Do not even consider employing the services of a freelancer if you are running a mid-to-large business. A very significant chunk of your business will be dependent on the success of your app. Ensure that your app is designed only by a true business app development company. Here is how to differentiate the freelancers from the app firms:

  • Freelancers work when it’s most convenient to them; mobile app development firms will work on your schedule.
  • Freelancers are not able to design and develop apps that can be used on an enterprise scale, whereas that is the core function of mobile app development companies.
  • Freelancers cannot be the jack of all trades. Something in your app will have to give. Either the technical architecture, UI, UX, or the quality of your app will suffer.
  • A mobile app development agency is always insured while that may not be the case with freelancers.
  • Mobile app development firms will offer you post-launch support while freelancers’ business with you ends the moment they deliver and you pay.
  1. Do a pilot test

You do not judge a fish’s talents by its ability to fly. Similarly, do not assume a good app developer simply because they do not make the type of apps that you are interested in. For you to truly know their worth, take them on a pilot test.

A pilot test means giving a sample project to the potential developers within a specific time limit. Within that project, there will be particular details that you will be looking for which will also be involved in the designing of your app. This way, you will be able to gauge the talents of the developers and whether they are suitable to design your app. Development companies do not normally charge for this test but it is strongly recommended that you pay a nominal price for the test so that you can choose the best talent. Pilot testing is advisable because you will get to vet the capabilities of the developing team. This ensures that you are confident that the team you choose will give you the results that you want.

  1. Do not select the first app developer that you come across

It can be quite tempting. Maybe you already know how not to choose a freelancer and how to give a pilot test. You give the test and according to you, they have done quite the commendable job. You just thank your stars and give them the contract right? Wrong. Do not be blown away by first impressions, invest a little into the talent search and test different teams. You might be surprised by how vastly their results may vary and what you first thought was the best piece of work that you have ever seen starts looking like, well, average.

Getting the most suitable team for your business app development might be the key to taking your business to the next level.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.