3 Computer Mistakes to Avoid at Work

22nd August 2016

There is no stronger relationship than the one you have with your computer at work. You spend 8 hours with it every day, it has been by your side from the beginning, and it will lead you to the top… well, maybe. In order to increase your productivity and avoid getting in trouble, here are 3 mistakes to avoid while using your computer at work.

Overusing social media

Social media is everywhere and, sure, some of your clients (or even you) might use the platforms to reach out to target audiences, requiring you to be logged in to check it all out. However, spending longer than 5-10 minutes per day on social media during work hours should be avoided. We all know how addictive these platforms can get, so try to keep your Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat use to a minimum during work by changing your habits – get your social dose during lunch hours and before and after work.

It’s also worth remembering that any of your interactions throughout the day are likely to also show up in other people’s feeds (even your boss’s!). If you can’t trust yourself to avoid overusing social media, there are numerous blocking apps/plugins that may be worth considering in order to remove the temptation.

Downloading or streaming TV shows and movies

If your co-workers are constantly complaining about the slow internet in the office, you should probably rethink your lunch-time habit of watching Netflix or downloading the newest episode of the latest trendy TV show. Granted, you’re only doing it during your lunch break (at least we hope you are!) but make sure it is not impacting the rest of the office (who might not be on lunch just yet). Also, double-check that it is not against the company’s guidelines for internet usage.

Opening weird emails

Whether it is your professional or personal email address, it seems that random people (such as long-lost cousins and Nigerian princes who want to put you in their will) are always keen to get in touch with you. Whatever those subject lines might promise, do not be tempted to open suspicious emails, as your settings might allow attachments to be automatically downloaded without requiring your consent.

If you ever find yourself in a tricky situation, the IT department will be sure to give you a call, as they are able to trace who started the domino effect. If your company doesn’t have the advantage of onsite IT maintenance, companies like Computer Emergency offer 24-hour emergency services. Either way, seek help as soon as possible to limit the damage. You don’t want to be known as the person who shut down the system!

Also, remember one last thing: Big Brother is always watching. Your boss might have set up your computer to tell him or her what it is you’re browsing, so honesty (and caution) can often be the best policies!

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.