25 Secret Pokemon Go Tips You Should Know

You can use these Pokémon Go tips to help you catch them all.

Pokémon Go gives fans the chance to become a master trainer. Since launching in 2016, this game has grown in popularity and species. Today, there are over 400 kinds of Pokémon to catch.

You don’t have to travel the world to catch them all, but you do have to get outside and move around. Pokémons are hiding all around your city and the places you visit. Here are 25 secret Pokémon Go tips you should know.

1. Move Around to Catch Pikachu First

When you first start playing, you’ll notice a few Pokémon appear on the map near you. You can refuse these and catch Pikachu first by simply walking around.

2. Use the Buddy System to Get Pikachu on Your Shoulder

You can walk Pikachu to earn candy using the buddy system. Once you’ve walked roughly 6 miles with Pikachu as your buddy, the little Pokémon will appear on your character’s shoulder.

3. Evolve Evee Into Different Pokémon

Evee can become a Pyro, Rainer, Sakura, Sparky, or Tamoa. Change Evee’s name to the evolution you desire and watch it evolve.

4. Keep an Eye on the Nearby Pokémon List to Track Rare Species

Look at the lower-left corner of your map to find rare Pokémon nearby. When the icon is moving up and down, you’re getting close.

5. Use the Pidgey Exploit for Lucky Eggs

You can collect and evolve easily to catch Pokémon. For 30 minutes after evolving, the lucky egg can double all XP earned.

6. Change Pokémon Names with HTML

You can use HTML coding to bold or italicize a Pokémon’s short name. This will apply to its personal page, not to the storage list.

7. Turn AR Off to Catch Them All Easier

You can capture a Pokémon easier by tapping the AR toggle. This makes them appear on a grassy field instead of aiming your camera in social settings.

8. Use the Overhead View at Poke Stops to Find Pokémon

You can tap the Pokémon locator tab to see where different ones are hiding nearby. The overhead view in the game can give you an idea of where you should head next.

9. Throw a Curveball to Gain More XP

To throw a curveball is easy, all you do is jiggle it. Tap, hold and spin it counterclockwise until it sparkles.

10. Use Berries for Different Effects

What you feed a Pokémon can alter its behavior and speed. For instance, razz berries can slow it down for easier capture.

11. Transfer Pokémon for Candies

You can transfer your catches to the professor for candies. Trading ones you have plenty of will give you the ability to power up the ones you keep.

12. Master Poke Stops with Pokémon Go Tips

When you spin the sign at a poke stop, hit the X at the bottom to claim all rewards. Since the stops only take a few minutes to become available again, you can do this repeatedly.

13. Take Over Gyms for Coins

You can take over a gym for your team when you win a battle. You’ll want to leave one of your powerful Pokémon to defend it and win more coins.

14. Use Adventure Sync to Hatch More Eggs

You can use the Adventure Sync setting to sync the game with the step counter on your phone. This means you’ll hatch eggs, even when you’re not playing.

15. Move Around When Using Incense

Incense is the pink cloud that covers your character and lures Pokémon to you. To make the most of this, walk around and you’ll see more than when you remain in one place.

16. Use Different Locations to Attract Different Pokémon

Where you are located will influence the species that you capture. For instance, you can go closer to a river or lake to find water Pokémon.

17. Lighten Your Load to Replace Pokeballs

When you want to restock Pokeballs, you’ll need to get rid of some items in your bag. You can easily make room by ditching extras in your inventory.

18. Get Free Stuff for Defending a Gym

If one of your Pokémon is defending a gym, you can tap the shield icon in the in-game shop. This can give you 10 coins and 500 stardust per defending Pokémon.

19. Use Berries to Capture a Boss Pokémon

You can slow down a Boss Pokémon for easier capture by feeding it berries. Once you beat the boss, your team will receive potions and other extras.

20. Use the Weather to Your Advantage

The weather can have an effect on which Pokémon you discover and how well they fight in battle. For instance, water Pokémon are stronger when it’s raining.

21. Gain Bonuses for Completing Research Tasks

You can complete field research tasks to gain bonuses. Upon completing a task, you’ll receive encounters with rare Pokémon, stardust and other items.

22. Trade Pokémon to Get Lucky Ones

When you trade Pokémon, there’s a possibility for one to become lucky. These require less stardust than others to power up, making battling easier.

23. You Can Switch Teams

You can change your affiliation by purchasing a new team medallion. They’re single-use and can also be obtained through regular play.

24. Change Your Character’s Style

You can easily change your character’s style by tapping the profile on the bottom left of the screen. When you get into the style section, you can change your hair, backpack, shoes, and more.

25. Purchase a Developed Pokémon Go Account

You can purchase some of the world’s best accounts and be on your way to the top in no time. Pokémon Go accounts are available today.

Get Outdoors and Catch Them All

Pokémon Go has added newer features to provide players with the ultimate experience. It’s no wonder there were 147 million active users as of May 2018. Now that you know these Pokémon Go tips, you can get out there and catch them all.

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