2014 Web Video Trends

15th January 2014

Making sure that you’re ahead of the game in regards to online marketing is a great way to ensure optimum customer exposure. Technology changes at such a ridiculously fast pace, to take your eye off the ball for one minute can lead to you being completely behind. After all, interaction through social media can be a primary source of advertisement for some web-based companies. However, fortunately for you, we have compiled a list of upcoming web video trends for the next year.

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Iin-house Vlog Posts

Gone are the days where companies could rely solely on TV/YouTube advertisements – these days, there is a heavy focus placed on building an actual relationship with the customer, especially online. Ensuring that you are conveyed as a trustworthy, reputable brand, through the use of content marketing and vlog posts on a company blog, will bring in customers with staying power. Make sure that you convey your company in a manner that is effective with your niche – don’t make a video talking about manual labour services whilst wearing a suit…


Never mind the actual content of the videos, you know also need to focus on the layout of your content. When placing videos on blogs or Instagram, ensure that you pick a clear, stylish screenshot to use as the background image for the video. This feature is already built-in to Instagram: you have to choose a cover image before you can post the clip. Choosing filters that are either the same, or compliment each other can also be a good way to make a consistent style. Making the overall layout coherent and flowing will convey a good message for your brand.


A huge coming trend for 2014 will be a preference for subtlety. Instead of the usual onslaught of information that can often barrage Internet users, opting for a simpler appearance is going to be popular. This method conveys the message that your brand is already self-assured enough in its own capabilities and quality, that it doesn’t need to go over the top with superfluous advertising. Also, with the absolute plethora of online videos available, you need to keep it short and sweet to get all of your information across.

Mobile Focused

If don’t ensure that your videos are multi-format-friendly by 2014, you’re going to fall off the bandwagon before you’ve even begun. We’ve all done it – long journey on the train: what better to do than catch the latest funny cat video? Teams of people use their phones as their primary Internet source these days, with the handy use of applications such as Vine and YouTube. Make sure that you take mobile phone compatibility into consideration when creating and publishing your creations, lest you cut out a huge aspect of viewers.

Advert Retargeting

This marketing concept works by storing cookies whilst people browse the internet, and then the browser personalises advertisements to the content that they have been searching for. Therefore, ensuring that your video is advertised and promoted effectively is of paramount importance. Use tags and keywords as intuitively as possible – this will bring people in to your site and hopefully, lead to your products being potentially advertised on their browsers eventually!

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.