14 Microsoft Programs You’re Not Using But Should

18th June 2017

If you’re running a PC and you find yourself regularly shelling out for new software or frustrated that you can’t get what you want to do done, it’s time you paid more attention to the power at your fingertips: Windows 10 is fantastic, and it is packed with all kinds of programs, apps and functionality that you probably never even noticed is there.

Microsoft seem to have finally dragged themselves into the 21st century with their latest operating system, and little tweaks like enabling facial or fingerprint recognition, smartening up Cortana – Windows’ virtual assistant, and enabling the Snipping Tool to take selectively cropped screenshots, are welcome improvements.

But add to this the wealth of prosumer tools and apps that they’ve wedged into Windows 10 and you’re finally talking about a serious contender against Apple and its endless parade of wildcats and Capitans.

OneNote, for example, is a virtual scrapbooking app worthy of any serious creative. It’s an excellent tool for creating moodboards for forthcoming projects, as it’s super-easy to add webpages, images, and text to your notebook. You can even use your digital pen or stylus to draw directly into and onto your notebook.

For those who make a hobby or even a career of posting homemade content to the web, there is also plenty to keep you busy. Game DVR now allows you to record your screen and even to restrict this recording to specific apps, making it ideal for the creation of tutorials or gaming vids. Windows Ink is a powerful virtual easel, which you can hook up with a digital pen to create and edit all sorts of documents.

For a sneak peek into these and other assets that you may not have realized you have on your PC, check out this new visual rundown from STL. It can change the way you think about that machine on your desk.

Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies. He started Poweronemedia to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the blogging world.