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Why you should work on customer service

Regardless of the sector that your business operates in, customer service should remain top of your company’s key priorities. Remember, that poor customer service could

Ways To Get Your Company To Be More Tech Savvy

If there’s one area your company should pay attention to and learn more about, it’s the technology industry. There have been advancements over the years

Why Your Small Business Should Accept Credit Cards

“Do you accept credit cards?”  It’s a common question asked by thousands of retail customers each day, and if your answer is no, you are

iPhone X’s Facial Recognition Showing Security Issues

The iPhone X uses incredibly detailed imaging (30,000 data points) to map the user’s face during “training”. This is also how the phone is able

5 of the Best Shopping Apps

Shopping could get complicated if you’re the type of person who’s always after the lowest prices and the best deals. And with so many websites

Fun Ways to Spend Your Daily Commute

For most of us, going to and from work is more than just a routine. It is a part of our everyday lives and one

How Your Business Can Better Connect With Your Customers

What’s most important in business is that you find a way to connect with your customers. It’s not enough to push products and services and

Get to Know Joomla!

Need a CMS for your site? A popular choice is Joomla! It might surprise you to learn that it’s been downloaded more than 86 million

Ways To Improve Your Business Right Now

Owning a business keeps you so busy that you oftentimes forget to stop and see what’s working and what’s not. It’s important to step back

4 Technology Trends to Watch in the Automotive World in 2018

Leading manufacturers around the world introduce new car models every year. The same trend is expected in the coming year as manufacturers utilize current technologies

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