Here’s Why Yammer is Sharepoint’s Lipstick

In the beginning, Microsoft created Sharepoint 2013. Yammer came along and saw that Sharepoint needed a partner to reveal its inner personality and beauty. The


POS in the Cloud: Modern Retail Industry Game Changers

Brick-and-mortar, retail, establishments get a bad rap because they’re often seen as “old fashioned.” They don’t have the sheen or pizzaz of online stores, and


The Age of More Hope — How Technology has Made Job Hunting Easier

As a communications and learning tool the internet has simplified the sometimes daunting task of finding that perfect job. The net is now a job


How To Pick A Cloud Solutions That Fits Your Business Needs

Cloud solutions are something that a lot of businesses have started using, because it is a way for them to increase their capacity, or add


4 Simple Tips to Market Your Blog

Your blog can be one of the greatest referrers of qualified traffic to your business and help boost engagement, brand awareness, and loyalty. Knowing how


Gaming With Virtual Cash

Slotomania is one of the most popular mobile gaming apps that are available to download for free, because it is a game that gives users


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