84% Of Brits Fear Remote Control Of Their Tech

The technology that we have available to us today has definitely made life a lot easier, but the more advanced technology is getting, the more


What The 2014 Budget’s Pension Reforms Mean For You?

In his 2014 budget George Osborne revolutionised the way pensions work, by turning pension pots into a kind of bank account which can be withdrawn


Finding A New Business Laptop 2015 Edition

If you want to stay competitive in the new digital marketplace, you’re going to have to keep up with the newest trends and advances in


5 Tips for Succeeding in Small Business

Creating a small business is hard enough. Turning it into a success is a real battle. You have to be smart, make informed decisions, and


Bridging The Gap Created By Language Barriers

Being able to communicate effectively and fluently with people who speak a different language to your own is becoming ever-more vital as businesses both large


Three Ways to Ensure You’re Hiring the Right Person

As much as probationary periods are there to protect employers from potentially bad hiring decisions, there can be long-term ramifications experienced by all levels of


Windows 10 Phone Features We Want

Microsoft is preparing for the big leap – the unified software platform across phones, tablets and desktop computers called Windows 10. As a long time


5 Most Valuable Second Hand Gadgets

Electronics quickly become outdated today, because newer versions of our favorite gadgets are getting released on an annual basis, which makes the previous models outdated.


Keeping Your Start-up Office Clutter Free

Commercial offices are a big investment and should therefore be treated with the upmost respect. Maintenance, no matter how big or small is imperative as


Customise Your Smartphone With Unique Skins

The iPhone 6 is an incredible device, but it’s vulnerable to all sorts of external wear and tear. If you’ve ever dropped your phone on


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