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Dress to impress: 5 must-have office fashion accessories for 2016

Dress to impress: 5 must-have office fashion accessories for 2016 Now that we’ve entered into the new year, this could be the ideal time to


When You’ve Locked Your Keys in Your Car

We would like to give you some tips on what to do if this unfortunate event happens to you, as is likely because it happens


Are you sure that your car has a spare tire?

If a car maker decides to eliminate the spare tire from a vehicle, there are two roads that they can take to compensate in the


About Trading In Your Vehicle

When a vehicle is brand new, life is sweet; it looks nice, performs well and it does its job day after day. But later on,


Instructions on How to Plug a Tire

Flat tires are a fact of life for all drivers. Generally, when you get a flat tire most people put on a spare tire and


Keep that old car running?

It’s something most of us face at some point; you need a “new” car and you don’t know whether it’s best to buy a good


About Third-Party Extended-Warranties

Consumers are frequently offered extended warranties by car dealerships when they buy new or used cars.  However, not all third-party extended warranties are created the


What has working in the new age done to our health?

A lot of people working office jobs tend to spend at least 40+ hours a week sat at a desk staring at a computer. Not


Unlimited Data from AT&T is Back, As Long As You Subscribe to DirecTV

Before massive mobile data was so prevalent, wireless cellular providers were capable of delivering unlimited data plans without dealing with a domineering amount of consumption.


Four of the Best Ways to Advertise on the Internet

Regardless of what you are selling or promoting, it pays to advertise, and the best place to advertise is on the Internet. The question that

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