Ultimate Guide To Freelance Accounting

Thanks to technological advancements the way we work is continuously adapting. The work-place transfiguration now means that freelancing has never been more available or connected


Three IT Careers to Consider If You Are a People Person

IT is an industry with a high number of different careers within it. For someone looking to start out in the field, perhaps having just


Could Heat Recovery Technology Improve the Efficiency of Your Compressed Air System?

Compressed air systems perform a variety of crucial functions for businesses in a range of industries, from breweries and food manufacturers to car producers and


Who’s in Charge of Your Cybersecurity?

With all the bad press around data breaches lately, you’d think companies would develop a more conscientious approach to cybersecurity. However, there still seems to


Automotive Bad Habits

Everyone has some bad habits when it comes to their car.  It’s understandable; everyone is so busy these days, who has time to fuss over


The Stolen Reputation of the Chevrolet Corvair

Back in the 1960s, General Motor’s Chevrolet division produced a usual car called the Corvair. The Corvair was an economy car with a flat six


The Birth of the Automobile

Most people think that the first cars were developed in the early 1900s by people like Henry Ford, Ransom E. Olds, Karl Benz and others.


History of Car Seat Padding

Ever since there have been cars, there have been car seats and many different materials have been used over the years to pad them. Originally


That New Car Smell

Everyone knows that new cars have a very distinctive “new car smell.” It’s the smell of dozens of freshly-made interior parts all mixed together.  What


20 Habits Of Top Presenters You Need To Know

Presenting can be daunting, especially in front of large audiences. We came across the below infographic which features habits the top presenters have which you

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